The Bride's Party

Sylvie Albert - My number one sister! :) Sylvie has been an amazing big sister to me all throughout the years. She has always been there for me and I am so lucky that we have been and still are so close. Sylvie amazes me with her extreme determination. If she has a goal in mind, nothing will stop her. Sylvie is extremely active and she is one of the influencing factors that got me into running races. She has cycled many LONG races, and has even climbed up Machu Picchu! Sylvie is a nurse in cardiac surgery and I am very proud of her. She ends her work day knowing she has saved lives. Sylvie has lived in Montreal for over ten years and it's been great that she is just a couple hours away to go visit!

Katelyn Nickerson - One of my oldest and closest friends. Katelyn and I met at summer camp before starting grade 4 together in Saint John, New Brunswick. Katelyn and I used to live very close to one another as kids and teenagers, and we are recently neighbors again in Westboro which is absolutely wonderful! Katelyn is the only person that seems to have the ability to make me laugh every single time I am with her. She has a fantastic sense of humor which everyone loves. In fact, Chris had a hard time finding a non-silly picture of her on Facebook to add to our site. :P She has been an extremely reliable friend over the years and I count myself so lucky to have her as a best friend. Katelyn and I have ran a few races together and are currently training for a half marathon in May!!

Jenn Barr - Jenn and I met during frosh week at the University of Ottawa and she's been my best friend in Ottawa ever since. We've been through everything together...we studied and did our Bachelor of Commerce together, partied together, played ultimate Frisbee, went camping, and so much more. Jenn was a big part in making Ottawa home to me when I first moved here, and I am very thankful for her wonderful friendship.

Katie Solc - My soon-to-be sister in law! The first time I met Katie, I thought right away, wow, what a kind, loving, energetic and fun person! When Chris and I started dating, I was so happy to see that he and his sister had such a close relationship. Katie was a beautiful bride this past fall and has been extremely helpful at giving me lots of great wedding planning tips! Katie has an amazing heart, and I can't wait to call her my sister!

Ella Albert - Our wonderful little flower girl! Ella is our niece who we love to pieces! She is unbelievably cute and can make anyone smile with her sweet, girly ways. Even though Ella is just 4, she already knows what she wants to be when she grows up. She plans on being the owner of a Lululemon store. I hope she's nice to her aunt and gives her discounts! :)

The Groom's Party (Sorry Boys I'm a man of a few words but it doesn't mean I don't love you. haha)

Andrew Bothwell -You learn a lot when you live with someone, what I have learned is that Andrew has a huge heart and is a man that you can always rely on when times are good or bad. I am honoured that I can call him my best friend.

Devon Archer - My oldest friend going all the way back to high school, I think of Devon more like a brother to me than a friend. We have gone through so much together, soccer injuries, broken hearts, and of course a few drinks...

Craig Panchuk 
- Craig is a man of many interests.  One day he will be at the NAC watching a play and the next he will be scaling a rock cliff one step away from falling 1000 ft.  He is always there to help out a friend in need,  a true stand up man.

Paul Rossolatos - I am very proud to call Paul my brother in-law. His heart is as big as his contagious smile. I love how he protects, cares for and laughs with my sister and all those who are close to him. He is truly a great man.

Eric Albert - Our little, super cute, ring bearer. Eric is Valérie's nephew and he is such a bundle of energy! Eric is extremely active and keeps his parents busy with early hockey practices and swimming lessons in the winter and soccer and t-ball in the summer. Eric loves to dance and has already performed a very entertaining "I'm sexy and I know it" routine in front of us, so be sure to expect an awesome dance routine at the wedding! We love him lots!!